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unbeatable mind seminar

H Dub will be hosting its first ever seminar on January 12th! It is The Unbeatable Mind Seminar with certified coach Boomer Alred. We all know the mental grind it takes to push through a tough workout. In Unbeatable Mind’s The Big 4 of Mental Toughness you will learn principles taught to and further refined by 20 year retired Navy SEAL Commander and New York Times Best Selling Author Mark Divine. These methods are designed to forge mental toughness through the application of integrated mind and body training. You will learn daily practices that have been taught in global warrior traditions for thousands of years integrated with cutting edge methods of peak performance. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how great you are at gymnastics if you don’t have it together between the ears. This seminar will teach you things that will improve all aspects of your life, in and outside the gym.

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