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Meet Lacee Strickland

Hello! I am a 26 year old fitness lover who has seen the positive benefits of having a regular fitness routine in my own life as well as others. I have been in the fitness biz for 7 years. I live in Nashville, TN and own a CrossFit gym with her fiancé, Trey. We both want to help as many people as possible increase life longevity and wellness though fitness and nutrition. We LOVE CrossFit, but know it's not the only way to get and stay fit.

[I am certified through Precision Nutrition and have a CrossFit Level 1 cert].

Gym membership not in your budget just yet?

Can't make time to get to the gym?

Only have 30 minutes a day?

Perfect! We want to help you start working towards your health and fitness goals. 

We have put together an online program for women called Hustle Hard from Home. If you are just starting out, this is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your progress. If you already workout, but run out of ideas for workouts, this is for you. If you want a supplemental workout to add in your day, this will be your jam. You get the idea... it's for anyone! The best part is you don’t even have to leave your home.


Check the deets:

Monday - Friday you will also be given a video with me explaining the workout, and demonstrating the movements via the Hustle Hard from Home Facebook group. You will be able to post any questions in the comments and have them answered in a timely fashion.

(If you don't have Facebook, let me know. I can get the workouts to you)

Workouts consist of a warm-up and 10-30 minute workout

At least 1 cool-down yoga session per week

Weekly nutrition tips and recipes

Cash prize for best transformation [you are responsible for before/after pics]

 Kettlebells, set of dumbbells, jumprope, paper plate (yes.. paper plate) are all great things to have, but if not, no biggie.


The DECEMBER challenge starts Monday, December 4th and ends Friday, December 29th. It’s $25 to join and the best transformation wins $50, as well as free entry to the next months challenge.

Workouts will vary, but here is an example: 

Warm up: stretch, 10 lying leg raises each leg, 10 iron cross, 10 calf raises



3 rounds of

20 Good mornings (use dumbbell if you have one)

20 side leg raises each side

20 superman raises

20 alt. step-ups (use dumbbell if you have one)



End with: 3 x 30 second wall sits


How to sign up?

1. Click below and complete payment. 

2. Either add me on Facebook (Lacee Strickland) or I will add you.



3. When I get confirmation of your payment, I will add you to the group!



Simple as that ladies. Get inspired and let's empower each other together.

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Simply subscribe to join. You will be billed on the same date monthly until you unsubscribe, which is easy.

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