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March's Athlete of the Month

Wait? What happened to February? 28 days went by in the blink of an eye! But any who, it's March and that means a new H Dub Athlete of the Month! This month's is Mr. Reed Portis AKA Danny Woodhead.

What makes up an Athlete of the Month? Not RX’ing every workout or lifting the most weight. This athlete exhibits consistency and a hard work mentality. Every time they come to the gym they have a good attitude and give their all. This person is also welcoming of others, helping make CFHD the best community there is. Each month we choose a different athlete and post some fun facts about them to help y’all get to know them better.

Reed has made it at least 4 days a week since he started with H Dub in August (did we mention he's an Original Gangster?). He is the definition of hard work and consistency. Coming from a "globo gym" background he has struggled with mobility. He always comes in early/stays late to fit in mobility work because he knows the importance of it. Not only does he put in the hard work, but he is also a great ambassador for CrossFit H Dub and we are thankful to have him!

Name: Reed Portis Hometown: Memphis, TN Age: 30 Occupation: Broker for Tracer Logistics Tell us a little bit about yourself: I work 6 days a week, I enjoy cross fit, golfing, working out at the Y and of course watching sports. I love the outdoors and the beauty it offers to the eyes! What were your goals when you started CrossFit? My first goal that comes to mind when I started cross fit was I wanted to get jacked as possible!. How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you get into it? I tried CrossFit a couple years ago for about 3 months but I didn't stick with it. I wanted to give it another shot so I join H dub soon as it opened! #originalgangster What is your favorite/least favorite thing we do in CrossFit? Favorite thing is competing with each member at the gym/ least favorite thing is running! How has CrossFit H Dub positively affected you? Has made me stronger mentally and has trained me to never give up! What advice do you have for newcomers? Come as much as you can each week and Never give up, don't ever give up. What is something no one at the gym knows about you? I'm constantly looking for the LOVE of my life. Who are 3 people you would have a meal or drink with dead or alive? Chris Farley, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell. If you had an intro song when you walk into the gym what would it be? Widespread Panic "Tall Boy" Favorite Sport? Football; but since moving to Nashville the NHL is really wearing on me. If you could have one super power what would it be? Teleport What is your favorite cheat meal? Reese's Cups

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