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February's Athlete of the Month

Time to highlight one of our spectacular athletes! What makes up an Athlete of the Month? Not RX’ing every workout or lifting the most weight. This athlete exhibits consistency and a hard work mentality. Every time they come to the gym they have a good attitude and give their all. This person is also welcoming of others, helping make CFHD the best community there is. Each month we choose a different athlete and post some fun facts about them to help y’all get to know them better.

This month's athlete has been with us since day 1. He even helped put CrossFit H Dub together... Mr. Jason Wolf! He is the epitome of humble and is always the first one to greet a new face in the building. He works hard in the gym after a long days work, which isn't always easy. Thank you for always bringing positivity and good vibes to the Dub. We are thankful for you!

Name: Jason Wolf Hometown: the city God created first (Cookeville, TN) Age: 36 Occupation: Regional Manager for a Trucking Firm Tell us a little bit about yourself: Ok What were your goals when you started CrossFit? I did not really have many goals when I first started Crossfit, but I knew I wanted something different than going to a globo gym. Eventually, I wanted to be able to do double unders, muscle ups, and just generally stay in shape. I want to grow old and still have the energy to throw my nephews around in the backyard. How long have you been doing CrossFit and how did you get into it? I have been doing Crossfit for about 4 years. I was having dinner with two great friends (Trey Fitch and Jake Durm) and they talked me into giving it a try. From Day 1 I was pretty hooked What is your favorite/least favorite thing we do in CrossFit? ROWING. I hate it with a passion. I have almost died a handful of times doing Crossfit and all of them involved rowing How has CrossFit H Dub positively affected you? Aside from staying in shape, I love the feeling of leaving the gym with a sense of accomplishment. It puts me in a great mood What advice do you have for newcomers? Never miss a Monday. Its the best way to start your week and get in a routine. What is something no one at the gym knows about you? I don't drink coffee, only tried it a few times. Also, I can clap with one hand (pretty embarrassing really) Who are 3 people you would have a meal or drink with dead or alive?

My Dad- He was my hero and I miss him every day. We have a lot to catch up on and I would love to discuss people, business, and UT football with him.

Michael Jordan- I love his desire to win and hatred to lose; we all need some of that

Jerry Seinfeld- He is a present day philosopher and he is hysterical (also hes a sneakerhead)

Honorable Mention- Jennifer Aniston and Chris Farley

If you had an intro song when you walk into the gym what would it be? Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers or Trophies by Drake depending on my mood Favorite Sport? I played soccer almost my entire life so I love it, but I enjoy watching golf and football as well If you could have one super power what would it be? I love to travel so teleportation has always intrigued me What is your favorite cheat meal? Pizza, pizza, and more pizza

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