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Long Strange Trip 2023

Long Strange Trip is a community gathering that began with a conversation between two dudes. This convo discussed the idea of one day perform a tough workout that seemed like a fun endurance challenge. It finally all went down two years ago and a yearly tradition was born. The workout is The Triple Three which consists of the following:

For Time:

3000 meter Row

300 Double-Unders

3 mile Run

We are calling this event “The Long Strange Trip”. Long because the workout is going to be lengthy. Strange because we are a group of weirdos and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Trip because we are doing the Triple Three. There will be and individual option, an option to share the workout with a partner or a team of 3 version that last year proved to be super gnarly!

Those of you who attended last year know, this is a charity event. With the recent tragedy that took place here at the Covenant School, ALL PROCEEDS will go to the Caring for Covenant Fund. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee manages all funds and will make sure they are going directly to supporting all involved in this horrific event. There is a $10 charge to participate in the event. With this $10 you will receive 3 raffle tickets. We will be raffling off some prizes from local vendors as well as some prominent companies in the fitness industry. You an purchase additional raffle tickets for $1 a piece.

It's all going down Sunday April 30th at 1pm. Friends and family are welcomed, the more the merrier! Feel free to bring food and/or drink for after!

Get signe-up at the link below:[0]=AT2fZXVjfZ2zxk0rX9Q5kknz8t_ykZUb6BjzPTvOYQPHqEHdegc3ybjwJntHQ2iDtiWrf_AiLQXg055kliDbk4u1fKLnD0W4O1UAXtDA26lDb_WtkD0UjC_20uNTR6HF6MKGbeygfCuLftqKnizSBuwneQ3XOiIN

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