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While we do what we can to fit in skill work during class, we can only fit so much into an hour. If you are looking to get some extra work on a skill you are developing, get feedback on some lifts, or get some quick skills and drills, these sessions are for you. They include a coach working one-on-one with you on the movement of your choice, i.e. drills, progressions, spotting, whatever is appropriate in helping you improve the skill. They will also include "homework" after the session that the athlete can work on on their own to improve (specific to the movement). 
30 Minute Session - $40
Package of 3 - $105 
Think you need an hour? This is available upon request. 

Upon scheduling, you must give no less than 24 hours notice before postponing or cancelling a session, otherwise that session will be considered used.

Schedule yours here!

For members only.

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