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While I always had interest in trying out crossfit bc it looked intense and crossfit goers looked strong, I was intimidated to try it for those reasons as well. But Crossfit H Dub offers a 3 week on-ramp course (think intro course) for newbies like me so I really had no excuse not to try it out. Man, am I glad I didn't let my fears get the best of me! Lacee and Trey continuously make me feel so comfortable with being new. There's never a vibe of "she doesn't even go here!" (Mean Girls reference if you didn't catch that). I mean how could there be? They have "GOOD VIBES" painted up on the wall to see as soon as you walk in for goodness sake. And it's not just the trainers that are welcoming, it's the whole damn crew of members there. I think it's rare to find a gym where legitimately each member is encouraging and kind but Crossfit H Dub is a gem of a gym. I've recommended it to anyone that is interested in a tough, rewarding workout accompanied by good people. They've got it going on.

-Abbie DeSpain

My journey to H Dub was rather atypical. I was given the opportunity for a free On-Ramp course, and almost didn't take them up on it because of my preconceived notions about CrossFit. All I (thought I) knew about CrossFit was that it was a cult with a reputation for causing injuries. How could someone be that enthusiastic about a workout?! I love exercising and all that, but I just couldn't take the "#fitfam" phenomenon seriously. Ew.


It didn't take me long to get hooked. H Dub and its members made me feel welcome from Day 1. At the many other Nashville gyms and studios I've attended, I've been fairly anonymous; no one really knew my fitness level or noticed if I was slacking off. But both the coaches and members at H Dub have made me feel like part of a team. And they notice me, because they're invested in seeing me improve and succeed. Trey and Lacee are both incredible coaches who somehow successfully combine understanding my ability/helping me scale movements when necessary with constantly pushing me to work harder and be better. It's a personal, individualized experience and I'm always learning new things. And I never have concerns about injury, because the On-Ramp process taught me how to correctly perform movements before tossing me into the fray. Trey and Lacee have given me more valuable advice about both fitness and nutrition in the last few months than I've received anywhere else, and I have a feeling that this is going to be my strongest and fittest year yet.


I'm currently working full-time in addition to attending grad school full-time, so my schedule is stretched pretty thin. I don't have a lot of time for socializing (or anything) these days; but my health is important to me, so I make time for H Dub. Thankfully I'm able to kill two birds with one stone - I get an amazing workout, and I get to hang out with people who make me laugh every day!


If you're reading this and thinking, "Wow, this girl is crazy" or, "The gym is not for making friends," I get it. I was you. But now I'm eating my own words; because after trying everything from boxing to yoga and finally giving CrossFit a shot, I've found my favorite workout. No, not just my favorite workout; my favorite place to work out, too. It's not easy; but nothing worth anything ever is. If you're willing to show up and work hard, and want to have some fun in the process, you have to check out H Dub! 

-Allie Mikels

This is a great group of people! The coaches are some of the best and really care about you. This is truly the home of good vibes and hard work! I feel very welcomed and included and feel like I am getting the best coaching in Nashville with Trey and Lacee! Excellent experience!

-David Ward

I was introduced to CrossFit three years ago when I lived in North Carolina.  Although I have always been active, I would never have considered myself an athletic person.  The day after my first class I had to teach my high schoolers from a seated position all day long…actually rolling from desk to desk in a rolling chair. It absolutely kicked my butt!  And yet I kept going back.  The supportive atmosphere was addicting and it became so much more than a workout. My first coach in NC, Jamie, was an absolute saint! He was one of those people who just genuinely cared so much about others.  He put so much effort into making everyone in the gym feel comfortable and safe.  When I moved to Nashville, I told myself I would know the right gym when I find someone like Jamie.  It did not take long (literally 1 hour) to realize that Trey was my new Jamie! 

I cannot say enough good things about Trey and Lacee and the community they have built at CrossFit H Dub! They truly embody “Good Vibes! Hard Work!” You cannot fake the kind of care and attentiveness they show to everyone who walks in the door.  They also hold members accountable, which I cannot thank them enough for.  I moved to Nashville for grad school and sometimes I fall into a black hole (aka the Peabody Library) and when that happens, Trey and Lacee notice.  They encourage and work with me, and the other students at H Dub, to help us get back to a healthy balance.  


I totally understand the fear that comes with trying something new, especially when it involves heavy weights and lots of crazy looking equipment.  I think the important thing to remember is everyone has felt that. But the feeling of getting out of your comfort zone, I would argue, is just as satisfying as abs and a nice butt! And luckily you can get all of those things at H Dub!!  

-Bailey Wiberg (DUB)

Both Trey and Lacee are wonderful coaches, they take the time to find what you want most out of your membership and help you to achieve just that. Great coaching and great environment. Very happy to have found my Crossfit home with Crossfit H Dub. 

-Ryan McGowin

Kind Words via Facebook

The owners and coaches of H Dub were so kind to me as a drop-in. They responded right away when I reached out inquiring about a visit, and they were looking for me when I dropped in that day, ready to welcome me in. The members of the gym were hard-working and nice, reflective of the community the coaches are creating. The workout was challenging and the coaches were super attentive and helpful to each member of the group getting the best workout they could. I really appreciated that. Thank you for a great workout experience.

-Stefanie Anne

The coaches are super friendly and passionate about what they do. The gym is super clean and organized, which makes it a super comfortable and welcoming gym to hang out at! All good vibes! 

-Megan Benzik

It was so awesome we went back every day we were in Nashville.... They made us feel right at home and the coaching was too notch.... hate we couldn't stay longer!

-Jeff Bradley

Dropped in from out of town and Trey and Lacee went out of their way to ensure I had a good experience. Top notch hospitality! This box has all the equipment you'll need, a nice setup, and good people! I'll certainly drop in again sometime.

-Lee Parker

Two of my friends and I hit up H Dub when we were in Nashville for the weekend. Great spot! We were on vacation, and swung in for a morning lift class. Trey was a great coach and taught all of us something new. Thanks CrossFit H Dub in Nashville!

-Alex Wesly

We were in town for a work seminar and did a drop in.. we loved the gym and Trey was very helpful and accommodating! Thank you for working with us and kicking our butts!! #atownstrong

-Jennifer Badgett

Dropped in for 1 day and Trey was awesome at accommodating us and our schedules. Love the gym and atmosphere!

-Roma Andrews

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